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The Art – Sam Rang Do Tae Gi 

Grandmaster Han-Jae Ji brought the martial art, Sin Moo Sam Rang Do, to the United Stated in 1984. Originating from the Sam Rang Warriors of the Baekje Kingdom (18 BC- 660 AD one of the Three Kingdoms in early Korean history), the higher mind martial art combines both hard and soft techniques.  The Sin embodies the higher mind or higher spirit and Moo represents the martial art.

Sin Moo Sam Rang Do incorporates a philosophy of non-violent, self-improvement, adaptability, and physical, emotional and spiritual balance with the basic martial arts training representing the highest evolution of the advanced art.  The advanced art harmonizes the energy or breath in the body that connects the mind and the body with the path and process of the body symbolizing the way of coordinated power.

The Man

An Introduction

Mr. Garland forging sword

Chris Garland embodies the art, discipline, and legacy of the ancient masters.  Trained in the Japanese and Korean martial arts, Mr. Garland has the soul of a warrior and the heart of a true statesman always willing to give rather than receive.  His constant passion and drive to teach the ways of the masters lead him to working in and through the ranks of the United States military branches, government agencies, domestic and international law enforcement agencies, and private citizen groups.  Garland’s never ending sense of giving personifies his legacy as an individual to himself in skill level, intellect, and character.

Throughout his years of personal service, Mr. Garland protected United States and other high ranking foreign dignitaries.  Mr. Garland’s sense of self respect and confidence served as the catalyst for organizations and governments to seek him out for protective detail operations.   His leadership style convenes the notion of the team always with references to the “we” and “the team” versus selfish proclamation of “I.”  He donated years of his time and treasure to the Special Forces community performing countless activities to bring proper recognition to the fallen heroes and their surviving families.

As validated by letters of recommendation, Mr. Garland has received numerous accolades and proclamations from countless groups praising him for his continued perseverance to teach and to give.

After numerous years on active CONUS and OCONUS operations, Mr. Garland made the conscious decision to step away from formal contracting.   In moving away from the international contracting arena having operated in and out of theatre since 1997, Mr. Garland will continue to offer private instruction to students ranging in age and skill levels.  He remains open to training and working with domestic organizations and other NGOs.  Should individuals or organizations desire to train with Mr. Garland, please complete the online instruction request found on

Training Law Enforcement

Garland Headshot Training in country

Recently, Grandmaster ShinSunNim Ji, Han-Jae appointed Mr. Garland as President of the Sin Moo Sam Rang Do Association. This presidency allows ShinSunNim Ji’s Sin Moo Sam Rang Do heritage and legacy to continue into the 21st century.   In conjunction with the Presidential appointment and authentication, GM Ji bestowed the 10th Dan Black Belt Award in Sin Moo Sam Rang Do to Mr. Garland the equivalent of 9th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido.  Mr. Garland and ShinSunNim Ji, Han Jae pictured recently where he presented Mr. Garland with a bronze eagle representative of Sin Moo Sam Rang Do.

See Mr. Garland’s complete biography and resume.


From early childhood and into his adulthood, mentors played a critical part in shaping Mr. Garland to be the man he is today. His mentors originated from both within and outside the martial arts world.  By far one of the greatest influencers on Mr. Garland’s life within the martial arts world is ShinSunNim, Han-Jae Ji.  Mr. Garland and ShinSunNim share a close relationship as Mr. Garland has the ability to touch ShinSunNim Ji.

Edged Warrior Arts Chris Garland and Han Jae Ji

Edged Warrior Arts Chris Garland and Han Jae Ji 1

Edged Warrior Arts Chris Garland and Han Jae Ji 3    Edged Warrior Arts Chris Garland and Han Jae Ji 1

From this close life long relationship, Grandmaster Ji entrusted the Sam Rang Do art and its lineage to Mr. Garland by naming him President of the Sin Moo Sam Rang Do Association.  ShinSunNim commissioned an eagle statue for Mr. Garland’s position representing the concentration of hand and kicking techniques used by modern day Sam Rang Do practitioners.

Beyond the martial art’s circle, U.S. Army Major General John K. Singlaub, Retired, deeply inspires Mr. Garland.  Mr. Garland first provided security services for the General Singlaub and then developed a friendship with the General.  Mr. Garland’s high sense of honor and discipline reflect principles shared and praised by General Singlaub.  Listen to General Singlaub speak about Mr. Garland’s attainment of skill sets dictate leadership doctrine discerning why Mr. Garland is the best at what he does in the following video.

OSS Cover Signature Gen Singlaub

Garland and Gen Slinglaub Ret

Major General Singlaub speaking about Mr. Garland.


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