Alternatives Weapons: Throwing Techniques

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Tae Gi Throwing Style Movements

Middle Finger Throwing Style

DoJuNim passed down the art of throwing projectiles and objects to Mr. Garland which he honed through hours of practice and application. The instructional videos shows the repetition of throwing small weighted objects, pods, simulating the spike to build muscle memory and strength. Mr. Garland repeats the throw technique with each successive repetition targeting the same place on the porous material materials mimicking soft dermal surfaces.

The techniques demonstrate how throwing spike applications are intended for distraction purposes allowing a sword practitioner to draw a sword or other blade to meet the threat of the situation. Notice how Mr. Garland incorporates both sword and hand to hand elements of the Sam Rang Do Tae Gi arts in this transition video.

In this video, Mr. Garland throws spikes in opposite directions showing technique to address potential threats in multiple directional.

Mr. Garland incorporates important aspects of the Sam Rang Do Tae Gi sword and hand to hand disciplines here in this culmination transitional video illustrating the Tae Gi kicking style.

See pictures within Mr. Garland’s vast repertoire of other throwing instruments.

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